MIL-PRF-28776 Relays, Hybrid, Established Reliability, General Specification ForThis specification establishes the general requirements for relays that use a combination of solid state circuit input elements functioning with an electro-mechanical relay that performs the switching functions associated with control system applications \(see 6.1\). These relays are designed to operate in low and medium power switching circuits with contact ratings up to 1 ampere alternating current \(ac\) or direct current \(dc\). The failure rate level is established at a confidence level of 90 percent for qualification and 60 percent for maintenance of qualification based on 100,000 cycles at +125┬░C under rated load conditions specified herein. Excludes time delay relays. CAUTION: The use of any coil voltage less than the rated coil voltage will compromise the operation of the relay. CAUTION: Pick-up, hold, and dropout voltages are for test purposes only and are not to be used as design criteria. For additional application and caution information, see 6.1.